Turn One 6 Point HANS Harness

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The Turn One 6 Point HANS racing harness offers the best protection for drivers and with the new Motorsport UK rule change relating to the life of harnesses, the Turn One 6 Point Racing Harness' have an extra 5 years of life over the standard FIA homologation period (for UK national Motorsport events only). 

Expiry of these harness':

Use in UK National Motorsport Events: end of 2029
For FIA events: end of 2024

These harness' have a 2" shoulder strap and steel adjusters, the quick release turnbuckle has a compact design and combined with narrow strap connection clips means a quick and easy connection. One of the shoulder straps has a velcro strip for easy storage of intercom cables/drinks tube. Each harness comes with 6 x Eye Bolts, the belts can be fixed to the car with welded in eye bolts/removable rear clips  which can be wrapped around a roll cage. 

Available in Black and Red. 

DELIVERY LEAD TIME (when out of stock): approx. 12-14 working days. Lead time may be longer if the product is not in stock with the manufacturer.