Stilo VerbaCom Car to Pit Clubman Kit

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VerbaCom System

The Stilo Verbacom system offers circuit racers a simple and lightweight communication solution with no need for a radio license and is compatible with any Bluetooth  most Bluetooth equipped devices

How it works: 

Before the race begins, the mater unit (pit headset phone) calls the car, the car will automatically answer the call and the put to car connection will be in place via a normal telephone call. Each user will be connected via Bluetooth to both the pit crew headset and the driver's helmet connection module. The connection will stay active for the duration of the race. 

There are three options available to purchase:

CQ0008 - 1 x Pit Headset and 1 x Car Kit

CQ0009 - 2 x Pit Headset and 1 x Car Kit 

CQ0010 - 1 x Pit Headset and 2 x Car Kit

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