STANLEY FATMAX 10pc Insulated Set

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An industrial grade - 1000V a.c. insulation - Tested to EN60900:2004 meaning that that this screwdriver is suitable for live working use up to 1000V a.c
Chrome vanadium steel bar allows for high torque and reduces the chance of tip breakage
Colour coded ends make it easy to identify the correct screwdriver for each screw type
Extremely tough Polyamide blade insulation sleeve makes it resistant to impact at -25 degrees centigrade and ensures increased abrasion resistance and reduced moisture absorption
Handle moulded direct to bar virtually unbreakable bond. Highly reliable and providing an extra long life
Large diameter handle offers great torque needed for driving wood screws
Shot blasted tips ensure improved torque and corrosion protection
Smooth domed end for fast spinning action – speed and comfort
Soft grip handle – perfect combination of great grip plus reduces fatigue
The Ergonomic handle design offers both a large diameter for increased torque and a small diameter shaft ensuring high speed fastening/unfastening of machine screws - The soft touch grip ensures increased grip and comfort