Schroth Profi 3X2 (PULL UP)

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The Schroth Profi 3x2 features 3" shoulder belts, 2" Profi lap belts with sewn snap in attachments and a t-bar adjustable sub strap. Shoulders and sub strap hardware is wrapped in.

The main premise behind the 2" lap belt is the added safety. A 2"belt rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3" belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in an accident because to gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster.

The Schroth Profi 3x2 comes with snap in attachments at lap and sub points. The shoulders come ready to be wrapped around a roll bar.

Available in Black and Red. 

FIA homologated (8853-2016) 6-point belt
3“ shoulder belt, 2“ lap belt

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