Morris Superclean Motortune Petrol Fuel Treatment

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Superclean Motortune is an advanced fuel additive designed to clean and maintain petrol engine fuel systems. Superclean Motortune can improve the overall running of old and new engines by reducing deposit build-up within carburettors and injectors.

This product will combat corrosion in petrol tanks and fuel systems, de-coke combustion chambers, free sticking valves and clean manifolds and ports. Improved cleanliness will result in lower emissions, improved fuel consumption and increased power. In older engines Superclean Motortune can help to control crankcase deposits.


Suitable for use in gasoline / petrol fuelled engines including those with carburettors, fuel injection systems and turbochargers. Superclean Motortune will not harm catalytic converters.


125 parts fuel to 1 part Superclean Motortune for regular use.

60 parts fuel to 1 part Superclean Motortune for initial cleanup.