Morris Multivis CST HP 5W-40 5L

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Multivis CST HP 5W-40 is a synthetic technology engine oil developed directly from motor racing technology and formulated for use in the latest passenger car and van engine designs. It has proved to be far superior to conventional oils and provides the following advantages:

Multivis CST HP 5W-40 provides:

1.Naturally high viscosity index, giving good flow rates to bearings at low temperatures, coupled with high film strength at high temperatures.

2. A natural low level of volatility, which prevents valuable oil constituents boiling off during periods of extreme temperatures inside the engine.

3. High film strength / lower fluid friction / lower wear.

4. Better thermal stability / improved internal cleanliness for engines.


Multivis CST HP 5W-40 has been designed to cope with the demands of the latest petrol and diesel engine designs, including turbocharged and supercharged units, requiring an oil of this viscosity and specification. Multivis CST HP 5W-40 may be used against VW 501.01/505.01 standards but only for fixed service intervals. Also in engines tuned for racing, endurance events, rallying and other types of motor sport.