Morris Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 5L

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Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 is a synthetic technology advanced lubricant, designed for use in the latest engines, including those fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment devices.

Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 has the following benefits:
1. Increased engine efficiency.
2. Outstanding fuel economy.
3. Provides extended oil drain capability.
4. Rapid cold start flow that reduces noise and wear.
5. Increased film strength at high temperatures under all driving conditions.
6. High temperature deposit and anti-sludge control.
7. Low levels of volatility.


Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 is recommended for the latest petrol and diesel engines, including turbo-charged versions and those fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment devices such as particulate filters, catalytic converters, exhaust gas re-circulation, etc. Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 can be used where any of the following manufacturer’s specifications are listed.