Morris Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 5L

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Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 is a mid-SAPS synthetic technology engine oil formulated to meet the demands and fuel efficiency expectations of the latest petrol and diesel engines, where a low viscosity oil is required. Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 has been developed for use in vehicles using exhaust gas after-treatment devices, including diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 provides:
1.Increased engine efficiency, output and fuel economy.
2.Excellent cold starting characteristics, reducing noise and wear.
3.Turbo-charger protection.
4.Improved flow rates to bearings at low temperatures and increased film strength at high temperatures.
5.Better high temperature operation and anti-sludge control.
6.Low levels of volatility.
7.Better thermal stability, improved engine cleanliness.
8.Mid-SAPS (Sulphur, Ash, Phosphorus) product, for improved DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) performance.

Recommended for the latest petrol and passenger car diesel engines, including turbo and supercharged versions, requiring a lubricant of this performance and viscosity.

Please note: Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 has shown no harm in use with engines requiring Fiat 9.55535-S2 / GH2 / M2 / N2 qualified lubricants.