MORRIS Workshop Pro Semi-Synthetic Chain Lubricant (Croma)

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Workshop Pro Semi-Synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for the protection of chains used in a variety of applications. This product is initially a think flowing lubricant which when sprayed, searches and penetrated into the chain links and rollers. Within a few minutes the solvent carries 'flashes off' and the product thickens and provides a strong, cushioning and lubricating, grease like coating on all parts. This coating has powerful anti-fling properties and is not displaced by the fast movement of the chain. Chain and sprocket wear is reduced to a minimum by the lubricant coating. 


  • Highly tenacious
  • Precise application through nozzle
  • Excellent corrosion protection


Workshop Pro Semi-Synthetic Chain Lubricant is recommended for use on motorcycle chains, lift and drive chains, leaf and roller chains, conveyor system chains etc...

Notes on usage:

Light treatment is highly recommended as part of regular routine maintenance. The film produced is clear, but highly tenacious and therefore, excessive application of this product should be avoided. 

DELIVERY LEAD TIME (when out of stock): approx. 5-7 working days. Lead time may be longer if the product is not in stock with the manufacturer.