MORRIS Workshop Pro Carb Cleaner

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The Workshop Pro Carb Cleaner removed stubborn lacquer and dirt from carburetors, fuel injection systems and automatic chokes. It can also be used with great effect to restore tune to carburetors in situ, or with only partial dismantling, if these have become blocked stuck or dirty. This makes Workshop Pro Carb Cleaner a vital part of any pit crew kit.


  • Excellent solvency action to dissolve and remove dirt quickly
  • Dissolves gum, lacquer and deposits
  • Suitable for use on throttle valves and chokes
  • Improves engine efficiency


When sprayed into the air in-take, this product cleans all parts on the inlet system carburetors, port areas and inlet valves. In these areas it is most effective in keeping vital parts moving, and passages clear of gums and deposits, so a smooth system air flow can be maintained. This is vital because even slight surface roughness from deposits can ruin tuning and cause power losses. Workshop Pro Carb Cleaner can rejuvenate classic racing bikes by reducing deposit build up within carburetors, freeing sticking valves and cleaning the manifold and ports. This action can give lower emissions and improved performance in terms of increased power.

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