Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Kit 4 Litre Electrical

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The Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Kit (4l) is MSA & FIA Approved. The bottle is made out of Aluminium. It uses AFFF foam liquid, depositing 2 litres of fluid in to the engine bay via 4 nozzles and 4 litres in the cockpit compartment using 4 nozzles. This kit comes with a complete installation kit with anti-torpedo brackets and:

  • 8m of 8mm Alloy Tubing x1
  • Power Pack x1
  • Plug and Lead Assembly x1
  • Push Button x2
  • Bracket and Straps x1
  • 8mm Bulkhead Fitting x1
  • Misting Nozzles x8
  • 8mm Equal T x6

DELIVERY LEAD TIME: 3 working days.