Lifeline 4 Litres Fire Marshal Mechanical Fire Extinguisher Kit

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The Lifeline (4l) Fire Marshal Mechanical Fire Extinguisher Kit is MSA and FIA Approved. Plumbed in the extinguisher system will discharge 2 litres of Zero 2000 extinguishant into the engine bay and 2 litres of Zero 200 extinguishant into the cockpit. 

The full kit includes: 

  • 4 Litres Fire Marshal Bottle
  • Mounting Brackets and Straps
  • 6ft Pull Cable
  • 12ft Pull Cable
  • Zero 2000 Misting Nozzles x8 
  • T-Connectors x6
  • 8mm Bulkhead Fitting
  • 8m of 8mm Alloy Tubing
  • Tube Clips x5
  • Decals 

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