Hydrorace 1Ltr Drinks Bottle - White

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  • All bottles are 1L and made by SIGG of Switzerland.
  • Both the bottle and the cap are BPA Free, the straw is Medical Grade PVC.
  • The bottle is made from a solid piece of Aluminium that is then extruded into shape.
  • Bottles will dent if dropped from a height onto tarmac etc. Bottles will not puncture easily and are often billed as indestructible.
  • The interior liner is SIGG's Eco Care liner. Chemically inert once production has been completed. Detailed information available on request.
  • Even when the bottle has been dented, the SIGG Eco Care liner will not crack or flake. It's designed to be highly elastic for this reason.
  • The bottle will happily accept all juices, water and even fizzy drinks. We recommend nuun hydration tabs as these tend to be the gentlest on the straw, however, the product has been tested with Science in Sport products as well as High-5 tabs, all are fine.
  • Bottle remains watertight when upturned. However shaking vigorously (for instance mixing a nutrition powder) will cause a slight dribble from the cap.
  • The straw is our own specification of blue tinted PVC. Its highly flexible and can be coiled above the cap when the driver is not in the car. It is recommended that the bottle is stored (when not in use during the week/offseason) with the straw uncoiled. If the straw is uncoiled it may take a day or so to return to its original position, this process can be sped up by plunging the straw into warm water if needed.

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