Hiperflo E20 Endurance

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Hiperflo® E20 Endurance has been developed for use as a test day fuel for Championships running an E20 control fuel.  It is also used by engine manufacturers to help develop their engine types in readiness for competing in Championships that use a similar product. 

This fuel has a high RON, MON and oxygen content due to its high ethanol content. It works well in turbo charged and naturally aspirated four stroke engines. 

It is highly recommended that the engine is re-mapped to run on this fuel as it is quite different to most other motorsport fuels. It is also recommended that the fuel system is checked out to ensure compatibility with this high ethanol content fuel (20%). 

Manufactured in large, tightly controlled batches to minimise the need and expense for engine re-maps.  

Available in 194 Litres. 


Type: Unleaded Gasoline
RON: 105
MON: 91
Density:  733KG/M3 at 15ºC
Oxygen Content: 7.80%


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