Hiperflo Track Day Special

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This bespoke product known as Track Day Special (TDS) is a low sulphur, very high octane unleaded gasoline with a high oxygen content that does not meet with any governing body specification. 

The gasoline was introduced at the request of individuals who enjoy taking their daily drive (car or motorcycle) for track day sessions. A daily drive tends to use standard pump gasoline and introducing Hiperflo® TDS offers a crisper performance to the engine. 

The product can be used in naturally aspirated or turbo charged engines as well as two or four stroke engines. It also works well in snow mobiles and jet skis. 

There is no need for a re-map if running on standard pump gasoline. 


Type: Unleaded Gasoline
RON: 107
MON: 95
Density:  765KG/M3 at 15ºC
Oxygen Content: 3.30%

2018 FIA / MSA 

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