Hiperflo Moto 4T Racing

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This is the fuel of choice for many of the leading teams at the Isle of Man TT and many other high profile road races and competitions. 

Hiperflo® Moto 4T Racing is manufactured as an out and out racing fuel for motorcycles and cars that use motorcycle engines. It can also offer excellent results in any high performance, naturally aspirated engine / four stroke engine. 

This bespoke quality racing fuel is manufactured in large, tightly controlled batches to minimise the need and expense for engine re-maps. 

An engine re-map is always advised when switching to Hiperflo® Moto 4T Racing to ensure the best results and also to protect the engine. 


Type: Unleaded Gasoline
RON: 102
MON: 89
Density:  760KG/M3 at 15ºC
Oxygen Content: 2.20%

2018 FIM

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