SORT 10W 40 Synthetic

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10W 40 Synthetic is a new generation lubricant that includes an intelligent formula which adheres to the metallic parts of the engine reducing 80% of inner engine corrosion and saves 20% fuel. 10W 40 Synthetic can be used with modern technologies, turbo charged engines, direct injection engines, common rail, intercoolers, etc. 10W 40 Synthetic is used when a fluid oil is required at start up, with low friction performance and moderate fuel saving. This lubricant is used for all weather driving, especially in high mileage vehicles. 

  • Excellent low temperature capabilities to allow engine starting in cold weather
  • Low vaporisation, therefore lower oil consumption over long distances
  • High detergent/dispersant for excellent cleaning of all engine components
  • High anti-wear power increasing engine life
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures because of its viscosity-temperature relationship

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