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How To Customise Your OMP Suit


There are many simple ways to show off the racing suit of your dreams at the next rally, track or karting race. With the OMP Racing customization service, you can create your own suit by different degrees of customization, depending on the model you choose. The One Art and KS Art models are completely printable and can feature any design, provided by the customer himself. The other models have a big number of colour combinations.



1 - Select Your Model

Choose the suit you want to customise according to the technical characteristics (weight, homologation, etc.) and download the "customization tutor" and the "blank model" by clicking on the image.

<p><strong><strong>ONE - S1<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2000</p>
<p>235 gr/m2</p>ONE - S1 (FIA 8856-2000 / 235 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>ONE-S<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>235 gr/m2</p>

ONE-S (FIA 8856-2018 / 235 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>ONE EVO<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2000</p>
<p>235 gr/m2</p>

ONE EVO (FIA 8856-2000 / 235 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>TECNICA EVO<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2000</p>
<p>320 gr/m2</p>

TECNICA EVO (FIA 8856-2000 / 320 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>TECNICA-S<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2000</p>
<p>350 gr/m2</p>

TECNICA-S (FIA 8856-2000 / 350 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>FIRST EVO<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>345 gr/m2</p>

FIRST EVO (FIA 8856-2018 / 345 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>FIRST-S<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>385 gr/m2</p>

FIRST-S (FIA 8856-2018 / 385 gr/m2)


<p><strong><strong>KS ART<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>CIK - FIA Level 2</p>
<p>2 Strati / Layers</p>

KS ART (CIK - FIA Level 2 / 2 Layers)


<p><strong><strong>KS-2R<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>CIK - FIA Level 2</p>
<p>2 Strati / Layers</p>

KS-2R (CIK - FIA Level 2 / 2 Layers)


<p><strong><strong>FIRST ELLE<br /></strong></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>345 gr/m2</p>

FIRST ELLE (FIA 8856-2018 / 345 gr/m2)


<p><strong>ONE ART<br /></strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>295 gr/m2</p>

ONE ART (FIA 8856-2018 / 295 gr/m2)



<p><strong>OMP Sport</strong></p>
<p>FIA 8856-2018</p>
<p>395 gr/m2</p>

OMP Sport (FIA 8856-2018 / 395 gr/m2)


2 - Colors

Follow the "Customization tutor", and choose the colours from palette range .


3 - Graphics

Apply the graphics and logos of your team to the "blank model" of the chosen shoe. You can also opt for OMP proposals by contacting our sales department,


To facilitate the work of our team the logos and artwork must be in high quality, especially for overalls with printed logos and "one art" suits (accepted formats: .ai .eps, .pdf or jpg high res - min 300dpi ). The colours of the logos must be indicated by the pantone standard. For the correct codes, visit the site


4 - Order

Fill the Order form and e-mail it with logos and artworks to If you have doubts about how to measure, follow ours video tutorial - how to measure.  



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