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Leaded Racing Fuel

 Especially designed for drag racing application

 Very high octane fuel, especially blended for supercharged and turbo charged engines or natural aspirated engines    with very high compression ratio.

 Especially designed for engines running at full throttle with high compressions ratio & working at high rpm, 2 or 4 strokes

 Positively tested on :
- drag racing V8 pushroad engine small block & big block
- bike & scooter drag racing
- drift turbocharged engine

 Due to its high combustion speed and high combustion energy, P14 fuel develops performances especially during transient rates giving better acceleration and decreasing turbo response time.

 Thanks to a selection of the most efficient molecules and additives, this fuel offers the best engine performances which can be achieved

 P14 is not based on a pure molecule blend chemistry, but on high consistency petroleum feedstock chemistry

 Air/fuel ratio, ignition advance must absolutely be checked and re-tuned to reach optimum performances. Ignition and injection mapping or carburetor jetting are strongly recommended to be adapted.
 In order to maintain the original properties, and according to Health and Safety regulations of commercial fuels, this gasoline shall be handled and stored in a cool place, well ventilated, away from any source of ignition or moisture and always maintained in tightly shut drums. In addition, refer to your local regulations.


Characteristics                     Typical Results     Test Methods      

RON                                            >115                   EN ISO 5164      
MON                                            >101                  EN ISO 5163      
Density @ 15°C       kg/m3         745                  EN ISO 12185     
Oxygen content        % m/m        11                    EN ISO 22854     
Lead content             g/l                1                      ASTM D3341      
Benzene content      % v/v           <1                   EN ISO 22854     
DVPE @37,8°C        kPa              53                  EN 13016-1      

Distillation Characteristics       

E70°C        % v/v                            60                      ISO 3405      
E100°C     % v/v                             80                      ISO 3405      
E150°C     % v/v                             99                      ISO 3405      

Final Boiling Point     °C     152     ISO 3405      
Brand ETS
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