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SORT 5W 30 XR Racing 100% Synthetic

SORT 5W 30 XR Racing 100% Synthetic

5W 30 XR is a 100% synthetic lubricant with PAO specially designed for high powered engines and competition use. Thanks to its exclusive additive package, high performance in severe temperature conditions is obtained. 5W 30 XR saves up to 20% fuel and lengthens engine life by 80%. 


  • Facilitates cold starting and helps to save petrol/diesel
  • Low vaporisation, therefore low oil consumption over long distances
  • Long lasting quality allowing extended time between oil changes
  • High detergent/dispersant qualities for excellent cleaning of all engine components
  • High anti-wear power increasing engine life
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures because of its viscosity-temperature relationship

DELIVERY LEAD TIME (when out of stock): approx. 12-14 working days. Lead times may be longer if the product is not in stock with the manufacturer. 

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