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Hiperflo Classic 102

Hiperflo Classic 102
Hiperflo Classic 102

Designed for use in historic cars, Hiperflo® Classic 102 is a leaded fuel similar product available back in the 1950's and 1960's. The addition of a small amount of lead provides protection from VSR (valve seat recession), an essential requirement for engines with "soft' valve seats. 

The lead content also assists in reducing the possibility of pre-ignition in vehicles running the much simpler ignition systems of those bygone days. 

Ethanol free, Hiperflo® Classic 102 will help protect older engines whilst at the same time providing useful increases in the engine horse power and torque when compared to today's pump fuels. 


Type: Leaded Gasoline 0.1 g/L
RON: 101
MON: 89
Density:  765KG/M3 at 15ºC
Oxygen Content: 2.00%


DELIVERY LEAD TIME (if in stock): immediate dispatch.

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