Carless Hiperflo

Hiperflo™ is a range of advanced racing and control fuels founded by Carless which has been designed to give motorsport competitors closely controlled and ultra consistent high performance. Hiperflo™ fuels are used at many of the world's premiere motorsport events and are trusted by race technicians and event managers across the globe.

High performance motorsport engines are designed to operate at the very edge of the engineering envelope where even the smallest deviation from planned stresses, temperatures and pressures can lead to catastrophic engine failure. The type and quality of fuel used is a vital part of this engineering design.

Many motorsport championships legislate that a control fuel is used, a type of fuel that must be used, alongside trackside sampling and fuel analysis testing to detect non-conforming or non-approved fuels. Control fuels must provide identical and predictable fuel time after time, as well as reliability and high performance racing. Haltermann Carless supplies control fuels to many major motorsport events and supports motorsport governing bodies and series managers with a market-leading fuel analysis service.

Environmental issues are also increasingly important at all motorsport events. Hiperflo™ fuels can be formulated to be low sulphur, low benzene and to contain bio or the most advanced components.

Hiperflo™ is formulated to meet all these industry challenges, specifically blended to the top of the required specification and tested in the laboratory and on the dynamometer. Consistency between different batches of fuel is so high that engines can be mapped on Hiperflo™ safe in the knowledge that there will be little change in fuel quality which could otherwise cause a blown engine.

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