Motul Launch New Sustainable Parts Cleaning System

Motul Launch New Sustainable Parts Cleaning System

 Despite cleaning parts being an inevitable and vitally important part of the service and repair process in automotive workshops, it is usually done using traditional cold cleaners and harmful solvents. These methods employ fluids that pose a danger to the people that use them because they have strong toxic odours and bring with them a highly inflammable fire risk as well as the ongoing damaging of the surfaces if the cleaning substances are spilled or dropped.

The traditional parts cleaning methods also require high energy consumption and incur expensive downstream disposal costs, which are highly regulated, together with all of the hassel of managing the waste fluids they produce.

Designed to offer a highly effective alternative to harmful cold cleaners and solvents, Motul’s BioClean is a new all in one efficient environmentally friendly, water based parts washing system that provides a simple and new way to get impressive cleaning power.

Consisting of a wash stand and a water-based cleaning fluid, enriched with unique bio-microorganisms, The soiled parts and components are washed in the basin of the BioClean wash stand, where the dirt particles are passed through – and stick to - a cotton filter before being dissolved by bio-microorganisms which reproduce in the heated liquid.


The system removes decomposing mineral oils, greases, waxes, machining oils and many other impurities quickly and easily and provides all the answers to the traditional cold cleaning systems without the harmful chemicals, unpleasant smells and costly ongoing maintenance. On top of this, the cleaning fluid can be continuously reused only a small refill is necessary from time to time due to evaporation and so BioClean retains its level of performance over a much longer period of time than current methods.

The potential applications for the product are huge and many businesses of every size should see the multiple benefits from its use. It has already been tested across Motul’s motorsport programme.

Andrew Jordan, classic car race preparation expert and former BTCC champion had this to say: “It is not always easy to reconcile environmental protection and work. The new Motul BioClean cleaning system helps us to reduce both the harmful impact of our cleaning processes and the risk for employees in the workshop from dangerous chemicals”.

Motul are proud to be making a major contribution to environmental progress in workshops and garages and yet still offer the latest high performance cleaning technology.


The Motul Bio-Clean parts cleaning concept can be used efficiently on a wide range of surfaces.



The wide range of possible applications for Motul Bio-Clean is unlimited. From automotive workshops, manufacturing industrial plants, truck and agricultural machinery workshops, and also in engine builders and transmission repair shops.


The cleaning fluid is effective against impurities such as:

  • Oil (also burnt in)Lubricating and machine greases

  • Waxes

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Cutting Coolants

  • Operational contamination on vehicle and machine parts

Sustainability has never been more important and we are proud to work with partners like Motul & Witham Group who are always striving to improve where-ever possible. The latest innovation from Motul is their BioClean sustainable parts cleaning system for workshops, garages and industry.
A highly effective alternative to harmful cold cleaners and solvents, Motul BioClean is an all-in-one efficient, environmentally-friendly, water-based parts washing system that provides a simple and new way to get impressive cleaning power.
To arrange a demo or to speak to us about having using Motul BioClean in your workshop, get in touch by calling us on 01981 241169 or email
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